Bobby Burack Joins Fox News Radio To Discuss Manufactured Racism, Bill Maher's Transformation

OutKick's Bobby Burack joined Fox News Radio's Brian Kilmeade on Friday to discuss a variety of topics.

The pair began with a discussion about Bill Maher, host of Real Time on HBO. Maher is a noted liberal who has changed his tune a bit recently, often calling out the Left's lunacy.

Burack surmised that former President Donald Trump leaving office allowed Maher to open his eyes to what was going on in the Democratic Party.

"I believe Trump's presidency blinded him to the insanity that's going on culturally and socially," Burack said.

They moved to a discussion about the role that racism and white supremacy supposedly play in American society. Burack points Kilmeade to his recent column about the "demand for racism outstripping the supply."

"We have one side of the culture war and one side of the political aisle so desperately trying to re-establish the hypothesis that white supremacy plagues American society," Burack said on the show.

"There's no proof of that ... of course we still have racism on the individual level because of bad actors ... but what we don't have right now is institutional, macro racism. That is what the media, politicians, social media, athletes and entertainers keep trying to convince us."

"Racial hysteria is greatest weapon in the culture war," Burack continued.

They continue with a discussion on the current state of CNN, the recent demotion of Don Lemon, among other moves at the network.They end the discussion by talking about the Air Force implementing "gender-inclusive training" which tells cadets to drop the words "mom" and "dad."

You can listen to the entire conversation below. Burack joins Kilmeade at the 9:55 mark.



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