14-Year-Old Girl Punished For Speaking Out Against Biological Male In The Locker Room

Randolph Union Middle School girls soccer coach Travis Allen and his daughter were punished for speaking out against a biological male in a girls' locker room.

Allen and his daughter Blake spoke with Tucker Carlson on Thursday night, and he revealed he was suspended without pay over a social media post about a transgender student in the girls locker room at the Vermont school.

"I made a social media post and referred to the male student as a male, and I was punished because I misgendered him," Allen said during the interview. He added that while there's not a lot of public support, he does hear words of encouragement "privately."

Travis' daughter Blake was also targeted over the transgender issue.

However, the issues didn't stop there. His daughter Blake was also punished because she had an issue with a transgender student - a biological male - being in the girls locker room.

"I was in the locker room and the trans student walked in and the rest of the team was in there. I was really uncomfortable, and I left, and I told the school, and they just shut me down, that there was nothing they could do," Blake explained to Tucker Carlson on the Thursday night episode of "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

"I was later suspended because I voiced my opinion that a male shouldn't be in the women's locker room," Blake further claimed. When asked to write an apology letter, Blake said she'd rather just be suspended.

"I said I would rather have a five-day suspension than have to apologize because I'm not sorry," the high school student explained. Eventually, the suspension was lifted after a lawsuit was filed.

When asked why she thought she was suspended, Blake speculated the school was "mad I was telling people how it was wrong and how a male shouldn't be allowed to be with us in the locker room." She also backed up her father's stance that other people are afraid to speak out.

Transgender issues continue to become more and more prevalent. Just recently, a biological male crushed a girl's face during a volleyball game, a teacher in Canada has been dressing up with fake breasts and a biological male gained national attention for attempting to rush an Alabama sorority.

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