American Airlines Tells Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo To Put On Some Clothes For Cabo Flight

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Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey’s girlfriend Olivia Culpo, a former Miss Universe, was told to “cover up” Thursday while waiting to board a flight to Cabo, according to a series of Instagram Story posts pumped out from the waiting area.

Culpo and her sister, Aurora, couldn’t get over the gate agent telling the 29-year-old Olivia to cover up with Aurora saying the situation was “f–ked up.”

Olivia showed off the offensive outfit that included a black cardigan, sports bra and workout biker shorts that women wear pretending they’re about to ride 75 miles on a $10,000 road bike.

Olivia Culpo American Airlines cover up
Olivia Culpo before and after American Airlines told her to put on some clothes / Olivia Culpo Instagram Story

It appears the situation was remedied when McCaffrey, who played in just seven games this year for the Panthers and clearly just wanted to get to Cabo, gave up his hoodie so Culpo wouldn’t face the wrath of the American Airlines gate agent.

Here’s the real story with Thursday’s situation: Why weren’t they flying private to Cabo?

Is there a private jet shortage? No pilots to fly the private jets?

I don’t want to hear it was too expensive! Nonsense! Christian McCaffrey signed a contract in 2020 that pays him a net yearly income around $16 million. He made enough money off the contract to buy a $7.5 million house in North Carolina. He has endorsement deals.

Culpo makes money modeling.

This better not be a case of these two skimping on their Cabo travel arrangements. I get that these two aren’t exactly making NBA 10-year guaranteed money or 8th inning setup guy money, but this is still a couple that should be able to sell a couple of sponsored posts to pay for a private jet to an offseason vacation.

The good news is that the flight ended up uneventful, outside of McCaffrey freezing, and the sisters and the running back made it to their villa where they’ll fill up their content jars while Christian sits there trying to figure out how he can stay on the field in 2022.

This woman wasn’t ordered to “cover up” and came to Olivia’s defense!

American Airlines tells Olivia Culpo to cover up
This woman stepped up to say Culpo’s outfit was fine / Instagram Story
Christian McCaffrey cold on flight to Cabo
It appears Christian McCaffrey gave up his hoodie to his barely clothed girlfriend / Instagram Story
Olivia Culpo’s outfit that was not approved by the American Airlines gate agent / Instagram Story

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