Woman Who Had Her Leggings Pulled Down After Falling On Treadmill Reacts To Her Viral Moment

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A couple of weeks ago a video of woman having her leggings pulled down as she fell on a treadmill went viral. Versions of the all-time gym fail popped up on every social media platform. It turns out the clip was originally posted by the woman who fell off the treadmill herself.

After falling and having her thong revealed to the entire gym, including the security camera, she asked the gym for a copy of video. Her name is Alyssa Konkel from Streamwood, Illinois.

Alyssa Konkel treadmill gym fail
Alyssa Konkel talks about falling off a treadmill (Image Credit: FOX 32 Chicago/YouTube)

Konkel discussed her rough day at the gym and the injuries she suffered with FOX 32 Chicago. Spoiler alert, this isn’t the 26-year-old’s first time falling on a treadmill.

When asked how bad the scrapes and burns she received were, she said while pointing to her face, “They were pretty bad, but everything is cleared now.”

She added, “I have a couple of scrapes on my knees and my shin, but they are almost healed.”

Konkel then gets into how the embarrassing fall took place. She was in the gym for a morning workout doing some “fast cardio” that she explains is intervals of running for thirty seconds followed by a minute of walking.

In one of those thirty second intervals she ended up falling. After the fall, and the pantsing, she asked the gym the video. She contemplated posting it for a couple of hours and decided to go for it.

It quickly had a few thousand views and took off from there. Konkel isn’t at all embarrassed by the video. She said, “You know what? It is what it is everyone has butts.”

Something Tells Me We Haven’t Heard The Last Of Alyssa Konkel

Konkel revealed during the interview that this wasn’t the first time she had fallen while running on a treadmill. She fell when she was 10.

“I was like 10 years old, and I was running on 10 once again, and I hit my chin. 10 years later I’m running on 10 again and I swing up and do the same thing, but my pants came off this time.” Konkel said. 

If you were worried that this fail would keep her off of treadmills, and end the possibility that she’s involved in another treadmill related accident, don’t be. She’s going to continue using them for her cardio.

Although, she will be taking some precautions going forward. There will be no more running on 10 and she’ll be double knotting her shoelaces. An untied shoelace may or may not have played a role in her fall.

Written by Sean Joseph

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