Crystal Clear Video Shows Alvin Kamara And Entourage Allegedly Smashing Guy’s Face

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Clear video has been released of Alvin Kamara and his friends allegedly attacking a man in Las Vegas.

Kamara is accused of attacking Darnell Greene in February 2022 while at The Cromwell Hotel in Vegas. The Saints star running back allegedly attacked Greene near an elevator for Drai’s Nightclub.

Greene’s suffered a fractured orbital bone, according to TMZ.

Alvin Kamara is accused of beating a man in Las Vegas. (Credit: Las Vegas Police Department)

A few months ago, a grainy video was shared by TMZ showing the alleged beatdown. Now, the original version of the video is out, and it’s clear someone is absolutely getting obliterated on the ground.

Kamara is the man in the white shirt with his hair braided back, according to the original video shared by TMZ.

The Saints star and three others have been indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit battery and battery resulting in substantial bodily harm. He’s also being sued for $10 million for the alleged physical damage the NFL player caused to Greene during the altercation in Vegas.

To make matters worse for Kamara, the man identified by TMZ in the video as him appears to be a clear and active participant. In fact, he appears to be one of the main people involved in the attack.

While Alvin Kamara avoided a suspension last season, he might not be so lucky with this quality of video out there. The NFL most certainly won’t be lenient at all. So, Kamara has criminal issues, civil issues and then issues with the league.

Alvin Kamara faces serious issues over alleged Las Vegas beatdown. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

To put it as simply as possible, Alvin Kamara is in a world of trouble right now. He better hope he has some bang up lawyers because he’s going to need them.

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