Alleged Shooter In The Murder At Alabama ‘Not The Bad Guy,’ Says Attorney

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The attorney for alleged shooter Michael Lynn Davis in the murder at the University of Alabama early Sunday is promising another side to the shooting death of Jamea Janae Harris at the University Boulevard strip in Tuscaloosa.

Criminal defense attorney John C. Robbins of Birmingham is defending Michael Lynn Davis. He was charged with capital murder along with his friend, Alabama basketball player Darius Miles.

Michael Lynn Davis (left) and Alabama basketball player Darius Miles have been charged with capital murder.

Tuscaloosa Police investigated various videos from bars and restaurants on University Boulevard and issued arrest warrants for Davis that indicate he was the shooter. Police investigations of the same videos indicate that Miles supplied the handgun that killed Jamea Harris. She is a 23-year-old mother of a young son from Birmingham.

Michael Lynn Davis ‘Good Person’ From ‘Good Family’

Davis and Miles, who are both from the Washington D.C. area, got into what authorities describe as a “minor argument” with Harris before gunfire broke out.

“My client and his parents are heartbroken at the the death of the young lady,” Robbins said in a statement released to various media entities, including OutKick. “They send their deepest sympathies and sincere prayers to her family and friends. But my client is not the ‘bad guy’ here. Once all the evidence comes out, the public will see and understand who really is the “bad guy” in this tragic situation and who put the events in motion that resulted in the death of Ms. Harris.”


‘Withold Judgment Until All Facts Come Out,’ Statement Says

Neither Davis nor Miles have any known previous arrests. And their lawyers have each requested a chance to get out of jail on bail at a bond. That hearing set for Feb. 7 at the Tuscaloosa County Jail. Davis and Miles have been jailed without bond at Tuscaloosa County since Sunday. Preliminary hearings for both will also be on Feb. 7, Robbins told OutKick Friday morning.


Alabama basketball coach Nate Oats immediately removed Miles from the team.

“We ask that everyone please withhold judgment until all the facts come out,” Robbins continued in his statement. “And for the media to refrain from portraying Michael as the ‘bad guy.’ Michael is a good person from a good family, and he intends to vigorously defend himself against these charges.”

Written by Glenn Guilbeau


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  1. Defense lawyers and family member are always telling the press that the alleged criminal is a good boy from a good family who is kind to everyone. Then, almost always, you find out these thugs have a violent rap sheet a mile long.

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