All-Time Joe: New Polling Data Shows President Biden’s Approval Rating Still On A Fast Decline

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Joe Biden’s near one-year track record as president is amounting to one of the most regrettable campaigns in U.S. history.

Coming off President Trump’s four years in office, the Democrats’ plan for a sounder U.S. society under President Joe has been put to practice, and the American people are giving less than favorable reviews on the results.

According to polling data provided by Quinnipiac, Biden is now at 33 percent approval rating among Americans — a new low that plunges past Trump’s all-time low in that same period (37 percent). 

The Quinnipiac poll stated that the 33 percent mark was a three-point drop since the last polling cycle in November.

Americans’ faltering confidence in Biden has appeared on all sides of the political discourse.

“Among Democrats in today’s poll, 75 percent approved,” said the report, before adding that it was an eight-point drop since the “87 percent” approval tracked in November.

Since his inauguration on Jan. 20, 2021, Biden-era issues have appeared in seasons: 

From allowing COVID restrictions to go unchanged in a year of medical advancements and further data on the virus … 

To mishandling the evacuation strategy in Kabul that resulted in the death of 13 U.S. servicemembers and countless added casualties on the ground. …

Lack of encouraging rapport among leaders on the international stage. …

And stirring financial dismay with reckless government spending, tax hikes and backing pandemic-era restrictions to choke the labor market. 

Frequently grouped with the disapproval of Vice President Kamala Harris and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, President Biden’s administration fuels a running dilemma caused by its lack of transparency with solutions and lack of awareness for real problems facing the average American.

Republicans continued to provide the strongest resistance, but additional polling results demonstrated that Biden is losing significant ground among young voters — a blow to the White House’s social media team — and Independents.

Independents joined the boat buoyed on choppy waters: totaling a 26 percent approval rating on Biden, per Quinnipiac’s numbers.

Harvard University’s Institute of Politics polled younger demographics on Biden’s direction for the future. Results showed that 18-to-29-year-olds held a “46 percent approval rating” in December 2021, a 13-point decline from polling data in the spring. 

As Biden’s mark on growing inflation finds opponents across the political spectrum, the White House’s strategy to soothe the nation must still face the full ramifications of their spending packages as the menace of a weakened U.S. dollar looms — appearing anything but transitory.

“A plurality, 49 percent, say Biden is doing more to divide the country while 42 percent say he’s doing more to unite the country,” suggested the report.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. (1) Joe was never intended to be anything but a temporary “sock puppet” POTUS. His popularity #s mean nothing ..
    (2) IF the Legalize Mass Voter Fraud bill passes no Dem/Repub popularity polls will ever mean anything again. Nor will any elections matter again.

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