VP Kamala Harris Thinks Her Media Coverage Would Be Better If She Were a White Man

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Vice President Kamala Harris thinks that the media would cover her more positively if she were a white male. According to a new report by the New York Times, Harris has told allies that the media targets her unfairly because she is a black woman.

“Ms. Harris has privately told her allies that the news coverage of her would be different if she were any of her 48 predecessors, all of whom were white and male,” the Times reports.

“She also has confided in them about the difficulties she is facing with the intractable issues in her portfolio, such as voting rights and the root causes of migration.”

Presumably, Harris’ allies found her claim so humorous that they leaked the conversation to the press. Because how could they not laugh and want to spread the word?

You are probably hoping the Times or Harris provided examples of unfair coverage aimed her way. Unfortunately, neither did. And we couldn’t find any either. However, we found a Politico article investigating why Harris prefers wired earbuds over AirPods. It turns out, Harris might be “Bluetooth-phobic.” Damn those racist Politico reporters.

Overwhelmingly, the media has been kind to Harris, often shielding her blunders from public knowledge. ABC, NBC, CBS, and the New York Times rarely report on Harris’ lack of activity at the Southern border, a crucial role with which Biden tasked her.

Moreover, mainstream outlets purposely ignored on-the-record comments from former staffers last month that alleged Harris is both a “bully” and a “soul-destroying” boss. The details are hidden but damning.

So, perhaps, Harris is referring to the fact that news agencies have noted her historically low approval rating. She’s likely bothered that the media isn’t blaming her 28% rating on the country’s racism and sexism extensively enough. 

While some articles have cited racism and sexism, it appears outlets most are aware that Harris’ approval rating has nothing to do with her race and gender. The truth is, American voters don’t like Kamala Harris. American voters have never liked Kamala Harris, even as Democrats demanded Biden pick her as his VP because of her race and gender. Harris’ lack of popularity showed when she dropped out of the Democratic 2020 primary so quickly. She’s an incompetent politician and smug hypocrite who hangs out with overt racists.

None of that would change if Harris were a white man. And if we speak candidly, and the media hopes we won’t, the media would cover Harris far more negatively if she were a white male.

Because anchors, writers, editors, and media executives are deeply afraid of someone accusing them of racism or sexism, they’ve calculated that attacking white men is the only safe route. Hence the op-ed section on CNN’s website.

The media would still protect Harris, to some degree, if she were a white male. Harris is a Democrat after all. That said, media members would turn on her the moment it’s advantageous, as they’ve begun to with Biden.

So Harris’ claim is mockable. But she probably believes it. I’ve come to conclude that progressive politicians, CEOs, educators, and media members genuinely believe that the country views white men as sacred forces. Progressives believe this while the country’s major institutions have agreed that white men must be eradicated from prominence. 

It’s truly disturbing that no one ever investigated white man Mike Pence’s earbuds. That’s clearly racism at the highest degree.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. The Democratic Party’s obsession with race and gender are the only reasons she is vice president to begin with. Her low approval rating is solely due to her arrogance, incompetence, and outright stupidity. Kamala Harris has been exposed to the nation what the people of California have always known: she is a total fraud

  2. I guess it could be worse. You can be Mike Pence and have your President and Very Fine People calling for your public hanging. Or commit a crime and not certify the election. #Birther #Murica #MexicoWillPayForTheWallTypes

    See…January 6th

  3. CCP Harris is a joke and no one, not even her own party, likes her. Remember boys and girls CCP Harris was polling at around 1% in the Dem Primaries. Behind two old white men, Pocahontas, a gay dude and 4 people you have never heard of. For fucks sake Stacey “Grimmis” Abrams is more popular than Harris. It has nothing to do with racism but that is the default argument when things don’t go well for a black person in America. Cry racism. Boring.

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