All Hell Breaks Loose In Uzbekistan As Soccer Bro Kung-Fu Kicks Ref

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It’s been a big week for athletes losing their minds on refs during games. Thursday night, a high school football player was led away by cops after he attacked a referee for ejecting him from the game. Now comes word that a soccer player kung-fu kicked a referee during a match in Uzbekistan.

Neftchi Fergana and Turon Yaypan were locked in a huge final match of the Uzbekistan Pro League season when 36-year-old defender, Shavkat Nasibullayev, went Bruce Lee on the ref as chaos erupted on the pitch. All of this went down after Turon had won the match 1-0, according to the NY Post.

“The whole of Uzbekistan, the whole football community saw it,” Uzbek PFL spokesman Sherzod Radjabov said after the match. “Everyone knows that the match was decisive for a ticket to the Super League.

“Neftchi fans after the game couldn’t contain their emotions and ran out on the field. There will be an investigation into the pressure and use of force against officials. The participants in the incident, whoever it is, will be punished.”

And you thought Little League umpires had it bad. Watch that ref run for his life as soccer bros try to stomp him out. I don’t know much about the world, but from the look of that video and what I know about Uzbekistan, that ref will likely end up in a bullet-riddled sedan on a cloudy day. Is it ever sunny in Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan? I’ve never seen a video where these people aren’t in coats and lacking Vitamin D.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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