Government Address Alien Speculation Amid Shoot Downs

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Are aliens responsible for multiple objects being shot down by the military?

In just under 10 days, the government has splashed several objects up in the sky, including a couple balloons best described as spying tools.

The government destroyed a fourth object Sunday over Lake Huron prior to the Super Bowl, and interest in the situation has hit a fever pitch. Are aliens among us?

Well, the government doesn’t think so.

The government denies aliens have played a role in recent shoot downs.

While there are probably a lot of possible explanations (looking at you China), the government doesn’t believe ET is up there zipping around.

CNN’s Haley Britzky tweeted Sunday night that defense officials told her there is “no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent take downs.”

Initially, the government claimed it couldn’t rule out aliens being responsible for the UFOs. It’s not clear how serious that remark initially was, but it now appears it can be disregarded.

What is going on up in the sky?

Seriously, what the hell is going on up in the sky? Just over the past few days, we’ve had three shoot downs. There was an object over/near Alaska, one America took down in Canadian airspace and then the one over Lake Huron.

There have also been multiple air closures for military purposes. We went from thinking our airspace was secure and safe to having multiple incursions.

Was a UFO sighted in Mexico near a volcano? (Credit: Getty Images)
What are UFOs? (Credit: Getty Images)

The most likely answer is obviously China. The Chinese were responsible for the first spy balloon, but there’s been no confirmation on the last three incidents.

Whatever is going on, people want answers. We deserve them. I suppose for now we can just rule out aliens.

Let us know in the comments what you think is responsible for all the chaos. While the government has ruled out aliens, all options remain on the table at OutKick.

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