People Who Believe They’ve Been Abducted By Aliens Show Real PTSD Signs

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A surprising percentage of people who claim to have survived alien abductions also show signs of PTSD.

As we all know here at OutKick, aliens are all the rage these days, and you can rarely get on the web without reading a new UFO story. While a lot of people don’t believe in little green men zipping around the skies, some people definitely think they’ve been abducted.

Not only do some people think aliens have kidnapped them, but they also exhibit signs of PTSD. A study from Zaragoza University in Spain shows roughly half of people who believe they’ve been abducted have signs of PTSD, according to the New York Post.

People who claim to have suffered through alien abductions show signs of PTSD. (Credit: Getty Images)

“The emotional reaction to memories of an implausible experience can be similar to an individual’s response to a genuinely traumatic event. Abductees can have an emotional reaction analogous to PTSD because, regardless of whether their recollections are true or false, their fear is real,” the study claims, according to the same report.

People who claim to have been swooped away by aliens also claim to suffer memory loss (pretty convenient) ranging anywhere from a few hours to a day and a half.

Are aliens real? Are alien abductions real? People who claim to have survived them show PTSD signs. (Credit: Getty Images)

Are aliens among us?

As I often say, just because somebody spots a UFO in the sky or has an alien story hardly means that extraterrestrial creatures are walking among us.

It doesn’t mean that all. Our own government, which in all fairness shouldn’t be trusted, claims to have zero proof of aliens existing.

Furthermore, if you look where a lot of UFO sightings happen, the locations often are near military sites. Is it possible people are mistaking planes for UFOs? Is it possible people are mistaking classified tech for UFOs and aliens? It’s a very real possibility.

As for the PTSD signs, it’s definitely interesting, but again, it hardly means aliens are walking among us. It’s hard to know why something is going on in someone’s brain. Something is clearly up in the sky. We’ve all seen enough videos to know that. However, there’s no reason to think ET is up there until we get some better proof.

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