Shocking Photo Of Alex Smith’s Leg Leaves Fans Stunned

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A shocking photo of Alex Smith’s leg is a brutal reminder of the injury he suffered during his playing days.

The former Washington, Kansas City and San Francisco quarterback suffered what easily could have been a career ending leg in jurying during his time playing for Washington.

The now-retired passer broke his tibia and fibula, and required multiple operations to stabilize his leg. Against all odds, he eventually returned to the field before ultimately ending his NFL career.

Alex Smith bounced back from a terrible leg injury. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Well, one photo from an OOFOS sandals ad proves that his leg looks nothing like it used to and it’s proves his comeback was nothing short of incredible.

Take a look at the photo below, but be warned its a shade grisly.

Fans are stunned by photo of Alex Smith’s leg.

I definitely wasn’t the only person stunned and shocked by the photo of Smith’s leg. Twitter users also couldn’t believe what they were looking at.

I don’t want to get too graphic here and the video is certainly out there, but this photo is truly a great reminder of what Alex Smith came back from.

His leg looks absolutely brutal. I know a guy who nearly died in a bombing in Iraq, and his arm was turned to “hamburger meat.”

It legit looks just like Alex Smith’s leg does.

Yet, Alex Smith bounced back, returned to the field and somehow managed to sling the ball around on a leg that definitely looks like it shouldn’t be able to hold up. Welcome to the miracles of modern medicine and great medical teams.

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