Alec Baldwin Crushed For Tone-Deaf Post After Finishing Film Where He Fatally Shot Woman

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Alec Baldwin is taking heat after an incredibly tone-deaf post involving the movie “Rust.”

Baldwin fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in a tragic accident on the set of the western film. The film’s lead actor was unaware there was live ammo in his pistol, and it’s still not known how a live round ended up in the gun. Baldwin attempted to deny ever pulling the trigger, but the FBI determined he did.

The famous actor was arrested and charged for his role in Hutchins’ death, but the charges were later dropped.

Baldwin posted that “it felt good to shave off” the beard he sported for the film following filming wrapping up, and the reaction was exactly what you’d expect.

The actor was absolutely crushed.

Alec Baldwin dragged for tone-deaf post.

Social media users immediately piled on in ruthless fashion, and many pointed out posting about your beard after a woman was killed isn’t a smart thing.

Saying nothing is sometimes the best option.

Halyna Hutchins’ death was tragic and there’s no doubt it was a complete accident.

However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated as anything less than serious and somber. Did Baldwin mean to come off as extremely tone-deaf?

Probably not, but posting about shaving after finishing a film where a woman was killed is a really bad look. This movie is simply going to get crushed whenever it’s publicly discussed. The same is true for Baldwin for the foreseeable future.

Alec Baldwin crushed for tone-deaf Instagram post. (Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images for National Geographic)

He should turn off his social media, stop posting and get his head right. Posting about shaving your beard in this context is just an open invite to get ripped apart.

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