Alec Baldwin Reportedly Berates Female Server For Putting Plates On His Table

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Fresh off having his charges dropped for shooting a woman dead, Alec Baldwin is back to berating those who surround him.

Thursday, Baldwin appeared at the 2023 PEN America Spring Literary Gala where he got into it with a female server.

By got into it, he reportedly screamed at her for putting plates on a table of which he was standing in front.

According to Page Six:

“The spy claims that the drama began to unfold when Baldwin, 65, stood up to chat with someone a couple of minutes before ‘the line of servers come all at once to deliver the meals.”

“Then, when she could pass, she started putting plates on the table,” the insider says. “I guess he didn’t like that she did that with him standing there.”

“I’m guessing he felt it was rude of her to start putting plates down while he was standing there,” the insider theorizes.

At that point, the waitress told a patron, “I don’t know why he yelled at me.”

Fair to wonder. Though Baldwin has long struggled with anger issues and entitlement.

In 2019, he had to attend anger management counseling after he was charged with misdemeanor attempted assault and harassment when a man alleged Baldwin punched him over a parking space.

Don’t take Baldwin’s parking space, and don’t put plates on his table when he’s not ready. Got it?

Baldwin claims he is a troubled man. And not because he killed a woman. Rather, because he lives in fear.

He lives in fear that Donald Trump might send someone to shoot him

That’s right. Alex Baldwin, who shot a woman dead, worries a Trump supporter might come to kill him.

He bemoaned his worries earlier this year:

While cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ family continues to cope with her death, Baldwin copes with a young woman serving his table when he wasn’t ready to be served.

In his eyes, he’s the victim.

There’s no worse combination than an angry, entitled hypocrite who shot a woman.

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