Key Players Missing As Alabama Football Releases Insanely Secretive Practice Video That Has To Be An Intentional Troll

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Saturday’s game between Alabama and Texas A&M is one that has been circled for months after Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher had serious beef during the offseason. However, the Aggies have looked terrible thus far this season, so this weekend is carrying less weight.

Texas A&M may avoid playing the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, which could make things a little bit more interesting. Bryce Young was injured last weekend and might not be able to go.

If Young sits out, backup Jalen Milroe will get the first start of his career. The former four-star recruit is absolutely JACKED and proved that he can get the job done last weekend.

Nobody — at least outside of the program — knows who will be at quarterback for Alabama on Saturday. And Saban is not going to give any indication.

Both the Aggies and the general public will find out on the first offensive play of the game.

If Young trots out to take the first snap, he’s playing. If it’s Milroe, he’s not. Duh.

Leading up to the SEC West matchup, Saban has made it very clear that he is not going to give his opponent any sort of intel. He joked last weekend, after beating Arkansas, that he is going to call Fisher and tell him exactly what he plans to do at the quarterback position.

That, of course, was not a serious remark. Instead, as is often the case in Tuscaloosa, he is keeping things completely under wraps.

The Crimson Tide staff is going out of its way to remain secretive. Practices all week are closed off from the media and the team will not be commenting on the status of Young.

Things are so tight-lipped about the quarterback situation at Alabama that even the practice footage is in on the secrecy.

As is typical of college programs, the team released video from practice on Monday and Tuesday. It could not have been a bigger troll, whether intentional or not. It is so secretive that it has to be on purpose.

The footage from Tuesday afternoon showed the wide receivers running routes and catching passes. It never once showed who was throwing them the ball.

Take a look:

This could not be more classic Alabama. The Crimson Tide operation, run by Saban, is locked up and completely insulated. Loose lips sink ships.

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