Alabama DB Goes Full Nick Saban, Freaks Out On His Teammate For Blowing Shutout In 4th Quarter

At Alabama, the standard is perfection. The Crimson Tide do not accept anything less, and a large part of that expectation stems from Nick Saban.

It appears as though the greatest head coach in college football history and how he approaches the game has also rubbed off on his players. That was clear on Saturday night.

Alabama led Mississippi State 30-0 with under 30 seconds remaining in the game. As the Bulldogs were driving, a questionable pass interference call setup a 1st-and-goal from the two-yard-line and sent Saban into a tirade. He absolutely lost it on the SEC officiating crew.

Although the call didn’t directly cause the Crimson Tide to lose their shutout, the visitors were granted field position that made it nearly impossible for them not to score. And that’s exactly what they did as time expired. Running back Jo’Quavious Marks scored on a one-yard touchdown run.

As a result, Alabama won 30-6, not 30-0. While that may not seem like a big deal because a win is a win, that is not the case in Tuscaloosa.

Alabama players and Nick Saban were not happy that they gave up a shutout to Mississippi State.

After giving up the touchdown, senior defensive back DeMarco Hellams channeled his inner Saban and lost his mind on teammate Jahquez Robinson over a defensive miscue that allowed the score. The got an earful from the former.

On the play, it looked like Hellams (No. 2) was assigned to quarterback Will Rogers in an effort to force a handoff inside. Robinson (No. 23), who was out of position, was supposed to meet the running back in the gap.

However, he was nowhere to be found and Marks scored up the middle with ease to ruin the shutout.

Hellams was not the only one who was frustrated. Saban said it was disappointing that his team gave up the late score in his postgame interview and it seems as though his perfectionist mindset is passed down to his players.

Written by Grayson Weir

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