Nick Saban Freaks Out On SEC Officials Over Pass Interference Call With 20 Seconds Left In Blowout Win

Nick Saban and Alabama moved to 7-1 with a blowout win over Mississippi State on Saturday. That did not stop the 70-year-old head coach from losing his mind in the fourth quarter.

With under thirty seconds left in a 30-0 game, the Bulldogs had the ball inside the Crimson Tide half with a chance to get some points on the board. Saban wanted the shutout.

However, as Mike Leach’s offense continued to take shots toward the end zone, Alabama was flagged for pass interference. It was a questionable call that stemmed from a hand fight between both the receiver and the defensive back.

As a result, Mississippi State got the ball at the two-yard-line with a fresh set of downs and enough time to run three or four plays. Regardless of whether the call was right or wrong, the flag was thrown.

There was one person who certainly thought it was wrong and made sure that his opinion was heard.

Nick Saban freaked out on the Southeastern Conference officiating crew.

As the broadcast angle showed, Saban had some not-so-nice words for the referees.

He appears to say “what is a good defensive play?! WHAT IS A GOOD DEFENSIVE PLAY?!”

At that point, Saban looks directly toward the officiating crew and screamed “F—K YOU GUYS!”

Saban, clearly, did not mince his words. He directed his frustration right at the officials and made it very clear that he is fed up with the amount of pass interference penalties that are being called— many of which he believes is clean defense.

At that point, the call didn’t make a difference in the final win/loss outcome. Alabama had won the game, but the pass interference penalty did change the final score.

Rather than winning 30-0, the Crimson Tide won 30-6. Bulldogs running back Jo’Quavious Marks got his team on the board with its lone score of the night as time expired.

Written by Grayson Weir

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