AJ Dillon Compliments Green Bay Police After Being Shoved By An Officer At Lambeau Field During Soccer Friendly

Given the fact that AJ Dillon is the Green Bay Packers running back, Lambeau Field is his home away from home. You would imagine most employees inside the stadium would recognize him, but that wasn’t the case during the Manchester City – Bayern Munich friendly over the weekend.

The preseason match between two of the biggest soccer clubs in the world was delayed due to heavy rain and lightning in the area during the first half. Dillon saw this as an opportunity to jump onto the field and have some fun with the fans.

A police officer standing on the field wasn’t having it.

The officer grabbed Dillon by the collar of his shirt before giving him a couple of shoves telling him to get back in the stands.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

After the video went viral, Dillon tweeted that he was told by two security workers that he could go down to the field and hype up the crowd. The officer obviously didn’t get that message and reacted accordingly.

Dillon was simply trying to have some fun during a rain delay on his home field while the cop was just doing his job. Full stop.

Instead of bashing the officer that reacted, Dillon showed nothing but love to the entire Green Bay police force.

Dillon has made headlines a couple of times already this month. Just last week Dillon sent a baseball mascot into another dimension with a vicious hit during a celebrity softball game.

Written by Mark Harris

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