Packers RB AJ Dillon Sends Poor Baseball Mascot Into Orbit With Vicious Hit

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There are certainly worse jobs in the world than being the mascot for a baseball team. The man inside the mascot costume for the Kenosha Kingfish may have a valid argument against that statement, however.

The Kingfish, who play in a wooden-bat summer league that features college players, hosted a celebrity softball game on Friday.  Current and former Green Bay Packers showed up to participate in the game, including running back AJ Dillon.

The Kingfish mascot, named Elvis, wishes Dillon did not show up.

During a break in the action, Dillon and the mascot lined up along the third-base side to compete in an ‘Oklahoma’ drill. The goal of the drill is to take your opponent to the ground.

The 247-pound NFL running back won. The mascot’s head is actually still flying as you read this.

Some professional athletes have absolutely zero chill and AJ Dillon is clearly one of those people.

LeBron James putting on a dunk contest during his son’s basketball game is one (very annoying) thing, but Dillon sending a poor man into orbit is another.

As someone who worked for a Minor League Baseball team for a season, I can tell you that the man in the mascot suit is most likely getting paid exactly $0.00. He’s probably an intern getting paid in ‘ballpark experience’ and free popcorn each night. He absolutely did not sign up to get trucked by an NFL running back, that’s for sure.

Written by Mark Harris


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