AI Has Determined The Perfect Body And It Definitely Has Types

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Some AI programs determined what it deems to be the perfect body for both men and women and, boy, do they love olive-colored complexions and people who are ripped.

The Bulimia Project is the organization that turned a few AI programs loose to see what it would perceive to be the perfect body based on social media posts.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the organization found that the programs — Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney — came up with bodies that weren’t particularly realistic.

They found that 37% of women and 43% of the men drawn up by the AI programs had “unrealistic” bodies.

When it came to coming up with photos of perfect female bodies there were some trends. The AI programs were very much into blondes, brown eyes, and olive-colored skin. The latter was seen in 53% of examples. The women it generated also had a predilection for ladies with slim figures and toned abs.

The Bulimia Project did a study where AI programs came up with depictions of the perfect human bodies and the programs definitely have types.
You’re going to need to hit the gym if you want AI’s version of the perfect body.

AI’s Perfect Male Body Was Usually Ripped

As for the perfect fella, the programs were thinking something similar. They churned out images of dudes with brown hair, brown eyes, and an olive-colored complexion. Most of the AI-generated dudes it came up with also had ripped abs.

The study revealed that not all of the programs had the same perceptions of perfection. Midjourney got called out for being most likely to crank out olive-skinned Jessica Rabbit doppelgangers.

“Smaller women appeared in nearly all the images created by Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, but the latter came up with the most unrealistic representations of the female body.”

I’ve argued for years that the perfect body — at least for fellas — is 5-foot-10 with a dad bod. That’s not because it’s what I’ve got (that’s merely a coincidence), but because it’s perfectly average.

Not too tall, not too short.

Not exactly in tip-top shape, but also not on the verge of my own TLC reality show about how I have to knock out one of the walls in my apartment so I can lumber into the bedroom without getting stuck.

It’s perfect.

Apparently, AI and I are at odds over this one. That’s fine, What does AI know anyway?

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