Adult Trans Skateboarder Allowed To Compete Against Young Female Skaters; Places First in Event

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Ricci Tres, a biological male that identifies as a female, competed on Saturday at the Boardr skateboarding event. Tres went home with $500 in prize money after finishing in first; beating out 13-year-old Shiloh Catori, who placed second, and the youngest competitor, Juri Iikura, who is 10 years of age.

A through line in the transition from men’s competition to women’s for trans competitors has been the disparity in rankings when the trans athletes are not competing against their biological sex.

As relayed by Fox News Digital, Catori ranks No. 133 among Boardr’s Global Ranks, whereas Tres was placed as low as No. 838.

Red Bull’s looking-the-other-way in preserving women’s athletics last month sparked professional female skateboarder Taylor Silverman to speak out after placing second in the Red Bull Cornerstone event, also losing to a biological male.

Red Bull and its brain trust were silent when Silverman reached out with qualms about the uneven competition.

Since losing to trans skater Lilian Gallagher, Silverman has adamantly used her platform to campaign for the preservation of women’s athletics by calling for competition to revert to women competing against women and men competing against men… now deemed a radical concept.

Silverman relayed the news of Tres’ competitive advantage and garnered support for the young girls who missed out on prize money to the 29-year-old.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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  1. This is a real simple fix. If I’m the 13 year old girls Dad, I’m kicking the shit out of the 30 year old dude. Maybe if more parents stepped in, these mentally deranged perverts would stop entering events that are FOR GIRLS!!!

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