ACC, Pac-12 And Big Ten Finalizing Agreement To Form Alliance

An alliance between the Pac-12, ACC and Big Ten is reportedly in final stages and slated for announcement next week, according to breaking news released on Friday by The Athletic.

The near-finalized agreement to unite the three conferences, in terms of scheduling and “broader cooperation going forward,” was announced just a week after college football reporter Max Olson reported on developments happening behind the scenes.

Nicole Auerbach broke news of the official alignment with the following:

“The Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC are expected to make a formal announcement about their alignment soon, perhaps as early as next week …”

Rumored meetings that took place in Chicago between commissioners George Kliavkoff (Pac-12), Kevin Warren (Big Ten) and Jim Phillips (ACC), along with some discussions among their athletic directors, had been culminating into a proposed counter-play to the SEC’s expansion in star power — and bump in revenue — after elevating itself to super-conference status by taking on Oklahoma and Texas.

Ultimately, the decision made on behalf of presidents from all three unifying conferences hopes that established connections — namely the Big Ten and Pac-12 — and a new paradigm for the college football landscape can keep the programs afloat once the SEC reaches its full potential in 2025 … or much Sooner.

The conversation around an expanded CFB playoff picture, seemingly on the horizon, will be an intriguing storyline going forward — considering the ACC’s past trepidations with the 12-team move.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. This is actually much more of a power move than the SEC just made. They now have a coast-to-coast alliance with way more eyeballs and recruiting territory. The new SEC may still have several marquee programs, but I think they may be overestimating their reach if the other conferences align together against them. They’re almost literally backing themselves into a corner. And this come from someone who’s born and raised in SEC/ACC country and a diehard southern football fan.

  2. Yeah, they are Hyping “USC vs OSU” or “CLEM vs MICH” or “OR vs FLAs”… what we’re really gonna get is “USC vs Wake Forrest” and “CLEM vs AZ” and the epitome of NEW rivalries “Iowa vs Duke”!!!!!

    I cannot believe I’m gonna quote Gertrude Stein on OutKick, but “There is no there there…” Well, here it is! Sure, we may see that top slate in some form of “Championship game,” but we’d have seen that in the Holiday Bowl anyway!

  3. Here we go. First Big Tobacco, then Big Pharma, then Big Data, then Big Tech. Now we’ve got Big “Football”? These people are drunk on power and a slave to a dollar to drive COLLEGE freakin football towards a cliff like they’re doing. Nothing’s ever enough is it? What a joke.

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