Alliance In The Works Between Big Ten, Pac-12 And ACC Conferences

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An alliance is reportedly in the works between a number of Power Five conferences as a response to the incredible rise of the SEC in the past month. Per the scoop released Friday, the Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC conferences are looking to collaborate

College football reporter Max Olson details ongoing discussions between commissioners across the three conferences. Per the report, “Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff, Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren and ACC commissioner Jim Phillips have been having conversations for several weeks.”

Olson’s announcement on Twitter indicates that the meshing of conferences will serve as “not just scheduling but potentially broader cooperation going forward.”

The SEC 16-team super conference has undoubtedly been the villain in college football news this past month; absorbing interest from the crème de la crème programs in the nation, as fellow conferences watch their audiences wither away.

After Texas and Oklahoma’s departure from the Big XII, commissioners reading the breaking news were inspired to find a counter to the SEC’s growth. With every big bad comes an alliance looking to stop them. In this case, the partnering of the Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC may be the one to challenge the SEC.

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  1. So, it will be Clemson and Ohio State every year? 😂😂😂😂😂

    I would love to see the SEC offer Central Florida though and see the reaction from Miami and FSU. Not sure who the other team to invite would be, but that would be great to see.

  2. LOVE IT!

    THERE WILL BE AN “ANTI-SEC” conference emerge. I don’t see how it works with ALL 3 of these conferences, but if they do this, we’re gonna get MORE upset! While the SEC is beating the Bejesus out of each other, Clemson, FLSt, OhioSt, MICH, UCLA, USC, Oregon will RARELY PLAY a “big game” except in their “conference playoff” (see below) or “championship game.”

    Sure, ONE of the Anti-SEC will go 12-0 thru that process and odds are the Anti-SEC will have several teams sitting at 11-1 given that, for example, Clemson plays 10 teams like Wake Forrest, Arizona, WashSt or Perdue — not ALOT of hi-level competition, but it’ll look good on paper.

    Then will come BCS selection committee, do you keep 4 teams? Let’s say they do: Do you let in a 10-2 Florida who lost the SEC championship over a 11-1 Michigan who was NOT in the Anit-SEC championship game? I say” Na-Na!” As Florida would have survived a MUCH MORE BRUTAL schedule — with ONLY losing 2 games.

    The other side of this coin is that WHOEVER is the SEC Champion will have seen FAR higher level of play throughout the season meaning whoever claims the Anti-SEC crown will probably be destroyed by a FAR more experienced SEC Champ.

    I see the B1G being the odd man out here, with Notre Dame being the “King Maker” – do they co east-coast or west coast while the B1G smelts into ACC-16 and PAC-20?

    Of course, I’d love to see the Bowls come back and get rid of all this garbage. Oklahoma vs PennSt in the Sugar bowl: Were you not entertained???


    ** if the B1G, PAC and ACC merge with MORE than 24 teams, they will certainly ask for (and receive due to the HUGE $$$$ possibility) the right to have a 4- or 8 -team “playoff” for the conference title — which will prompt the SEC into the same scenario — kinda like the AFC and NFC, — tell me I’m wrong!

    • Yes the SEC teams will face far higher level of play with the likes of Vandy, Tennessee, UK, South Carolina, Arkansas, Miss State, Missouri, Ole Miss, etc. Yes the SEC has the best top teams not so much depth. Before you say, oh you hate the SEC, these are facts. Not every SEC team is a top 10 team. Every conference has a top and a bottom, and a large middle section. It just happens that the SEC has had Nick Saban. If Saban had coached at say Texas or Oklahoma, or Michigan, or USC we might be having the same conversations about those other conferences. The rest of your post I like, college football needs real playoffs just like all other levels of every other sport in America.

    • I think you just made my point. USC will go 11-1 and claim to be “BCS” worthy!

      This is exactly the scenario I am laughing at… So USC will now be able to avoid Oregon, Stanford and Washington and pick-up Illinois, Duke, and Wake Forest and make a case that they played an “all Power-5” Schedule!! While Keeping Arizona, AZSt, Cal and ORSt, they start the season 7-0 and just have to string together a few more wins vs. mid-level schools to make the claim.

      …without even taking the chance of playing in Knoxville, Starkville, or Columbia?

      Besides, I’ll take Backwater Bayou and the points vs. Arizona every time!!

  3. The thing I think many miss regarding the SEC dominating national championships is that most bowl games and the playoff games are ALWAYS on their turf, or turf similar to theirs. Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn St. Washington, Michigan even Notre Dame are built to play outside in cold weather on grass, or late in the season on frozen dirt.
    The SEC play in warm conditions on turf all the time. Then most of the bowl games and playoffs are played in warm conditions on turf.
    I truly believe if half the championships were played in the North the winners would be far different. Of course, nobody wants to go to Madison Wisconsin in January to play a football game and more importantly, nobody wants to travel to Madison Wisconsin to watch a football game in that weather.

    • You’re on the right trail but missing the obvious point about weather.

      No one in Wisconsin is outside on a grass field playing football in February — in the South, WE ARE. Don’t bring up indoor basketball, we do that, too. But when it’s too cold and “wintery” to play hoops down at the park, the MI/OH/WI kid is in the house…

      .. not so in The South. It was tradition in my neighborhood growing up to play a basketball game at noon on Christmas day. Lots of our sisters came out, too.

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