Aaron Rodgers Takes Bizarre Shot At The Lions

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Aaron Rodgers made a bizarre comment after the Packers lost to the Lions.

The Packers stunk up the field in Detroit on their way to a 15-9 loss Sunday to the Lions. Rodgers played particularly badly.

The face of the Packers finished with just one touchdown to three interceptions.

Did Aaron Rodgers take a shot at the Detroit Lions? (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)

After the game, he claimed the Packers “can’t lose a game like that against that team.”

If you want a video Rodgers’ comments, it’s unclear if he means because the Lions or terrible or if it’s because it’s a rival. Judging from his body language, it seems to be the former.

Aaron Rodgers didn’t need to say anything at all.

It’s stuff like this that drives people crazy about Aaron Rodgers. Why was this comment necessary? Was he referring to the rivalry or the fact the Lions are one of the worst teams in the NFL?

Either way, it wasn’t necessary at all. When you lose, you should lose with pride and dignity. You shake hands, congratulate the other team and keep things moving.

That’s taught to young children when they first learn to play sports. Apparently, Rodgers didn’t get the memo.

Aaron Rodgers reacts to losing to the Lions. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Also, if he’s referring to the fact the Lions are bad, which is 100% true, does he somehow think the Packers are substantially better?

Green Bay is 3-6. The Packers literally have just one more win than the Lions. The team is a hell of a lot closer to being Detroit than it is to being the Bills.

The Packers are 3-6 after losing to the Packers. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Next time, he shouldn’t take seemingly not-so-subtle shots at a team that just physically dominated his offense and turned him over multiple times. It’s simply not necessary.

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. As a lifelong Lions fan I can tell you that he said nothing that every single Lions fan wasn’t thinking. How could he lose a game like that to a team like the Lions? I’m still wondering what happened. Frankly, we lost our slot in the Will Anderson Jr. sweepstakes.

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