Aaron Rodgers Is A Big Taylor Swift Guy; Hits Up Her Concert

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New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers was on hand for Taylor Swift’s shows at his new home, MetLife Stadium, on Saturday night.

Rodgers was spotted walking into the stadium on Saturday night after having braved holiday weekend traffic en route to the Meadowlands.

Why on earth would he do this? Believe it or not, the guy is Swifty.

The New York Jets released a video where they asked some of their players for their favorite Taylor Swift songs.

“Too many, too many to count,” Rodgers said. “Anything of Folklore, probably. ‘August,’ ‘The 1.’

He named two songs to start (two more than I would’ve come up with on the spot like that. The best I would’ve come up with would be, “Uh, that one about her getting dumped…”

But wait; there was more. Rodgers is a T-Swift hipster and delved into her back catalog.

“Going way back, I would say ‘New Year’s…’ — was it ‘New Year’s Day’ or ‘New Year’s Eve?’ — ‘New Year’s Day.’ That’s a banger.”

Damn, would you look at that? Old Man Rodgers knows the vernacular of today’s youth.

This shocked me. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t seem like a Taylor Swift guy. Perhaps he’s a man with a diverse musical palate, but I can’t see a dude who enjoys ayahuasca and darkness retreats to be blasting some Taylor Swift tune in his car.

He seems like he’d be into something more proggy, more psychedelic than what Taylor Swift churns out these days.

It’s kind of funny. Now, all I can picture is him doing a vision quest or sitting in the dark, but while listening to Taylor Swift plunk away on a guitar about how hard it is being rich, talented, and statuesque.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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