Packers ‘Disgusted’ With Aaron Rodgers: REPORT

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Aaron Rodgers’ relationship with the Packers is reportedly not in a great place.

Rodgers’ future plans remain the biggest story in the NFL, and all eyes are on him as he tries to figure out what he’ll do.

Will he force the Packers to trade him, will he retire or is there a chance he remains with the Packers. Well, it sounds like the team might have already made the decision for him.

Will the Packers dump Aaron Rodgers? (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Reporter claims the Packers are “disgusted” with Aaron Rodgers.

“They are done with Rodgers … He’s not coming back. I mean, they’re disgusted with him, and they’re done with him. And they’re moving on,” longtime Packers reporter Bob McGinn claimed on a podcast with Tyler Dunne, according to ProFootballTalk. McGinn cited “discussions with someone who [has] first-hand knowledge” of the situation in Green Bay when making his comments, according to the same report.

Even more interestingly, McGinn predicted that if for some reason Rodgers is in Green Bay when the 2023 season starts, he’ll be the backup to Jordan Love. That honestly sounds insane, but that’s what he reportedly claimed.

Aaron Rodgers’ future remains a top story in the NFL. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Is Rodgers as good as gone?

It was previously reported the Packers would help Rodgers find a trade partner if he wanted a change of scenery. It’s also been reported the Jets have already reached out.

Helping Rodgers move on doesn’t exactly paint a picture of disgust between the two sides. He’s played 18 years for the Packers. Sometimes, it’s just best for everyone to move on.

However, McGinn’s report makes it seem like the situation is very ominous. Once you claim a team is “disgusted” with a player, you’re making it seem like a point of no return has been crossed.

Will the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers? (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Fans are nearing a deadline for a decision to be made with the NFL draft looming. Will he stay or will he go? It certainly seems like signs are pointing towards the latter. This report from McGinn is definitely the most aggressive one yet that Aaron Rodgers might be on his way out.

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