Aaron Rodgers Told Zach Wilson To Spend Less Time On Football Prior To Disaster Year: REPORT

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Aaron Rodgers reportedly gave Zach Wilson some advice that aged very poorly.

Wilson’s second season with the New York Jets was a complete disaster, and there’s serious questions about whether or not the franchise will eventually move off the second overall pick.

Aaron Rodgers reportedly gave Zach Wilson advice about not burning himself out on football. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The former BYU star just doesn’t seem capable of getting the job done. Well, Ian Rapoport brought up a little story that allegedly happened last summer, and in terms of things aging poorly, the alleged conversation between Wilson and Rodgers is right near the top of the list.

Rapoport said the following on “The Pat McAfee Show” when discussing Aaron Rodgers’ alleged advice for the young Jets QB:

Rodgers calls Zach Wilson in the summer, and it’s a Friday at like 6 PM. And they’re chatting, and I guess Rodgers had kind of helped him with some stuff and given him some advice. At some point he stops, and he’s like, ‘Where are you right now? Are you in the meeting room? You’re in the facility at 6 PM on a Friday in the offseason?’ [Wilson] is like, ‘Yeah,’ and Rodgers basically told him, ‘Get out of there. You’re going to lose your mind.’ Now, he needed to play better football this year, but he works very hard.

Albert Breer also packed up the story, but had a slightly different timeline. Breer claimed it happened early in the QB’s rookie season and not in the summer.

Aaron Rodgers’ alleged advice might not have been great for Zach Wilson.

If Zach Wilson was out there balling and putting up huge numbers, this story from Rapoport wouldn’t even be a story. Nobody would care. It wouldn’t even be worth mentioning.

However, we all know that’s not what happened at all in 2022 with Zach Wilson. He was relegated to the bench, and his numbers weren’t pretty.

Wilson finished the year with 1,688 passing yards, six touchdowns, seven interceptions and an abysmal 54.5 completion percentage. You simply aren’t going to be a dominant franchise in the NFL with a QB playing at that low of a level.

Ian Rapoport shares story about advice Aaron Rodgers gave Zach Wilson. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Now, it comes out Aaron Rodgers allegedly told him to not spend so much time focused on football. It’s not that it’s bad advice. You never want to see a guy get burned out, but in the context of his horrible 2022 season, it looks bad.

Zach Wilson needs to figure out how to play much better, and that likely means focusing MORE on football, not less.

Will the Jets keep Zach Wilson? (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

The Jets seem intent on keeping Wilson through at least the 2023 season. It should be interesting to see if he can turn things around. At the very least, he might want to steer clear of any advice the Packers QB has for him. Clearly, it didn’t work out great the first time around.

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