Aaron Murray’s Father Warned Him To Stay Close To Tim Tebow, Far Away From Aaron Hernandez If He Committed To Florida

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Whether you want to call it good intuition or just a father looking after his kid, Aaron Murray received some pretty solid advice from his dad on a recruiting trip to Florida. The advice: Stay away from Aaron Hernandez if you commit.

The five-star quarterback took a visit to Gainesville during his crazy recruitment in 2008-2009, looking to narrow down his choices. Murray ended up signing with the Georgia Bulldogs, but that wasn’t the wildest part of his story in the SEC.

On Tuesday, Aaron Murray post a clip on social media from his podcast ‘SNAPS’ where he went into detail about what his father told him on that recruiting trip to Florida. Besides talking about Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes, one player caught the attention of his father, and not in a good way.

“I remember my dad looking at me,” Aaron Murray noted. “He still reminds me to this day of this, saying ‘I don’t know who that kid (Aaron Hernandez) really is, but if you commit to Florida I don’t think you should hangout with him.’”

Obviously, we don’t know how much Aaron Murray’s father knew about Hernandez at the time, but he was three steps ahead when it came to looking out for his son. After leaving Florida and being drafted by the New England Patriots, Hernandez would go on to be convicted of murder in the death of Odin Lloyd.

On April 19th, 2017, Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his jail cell. Netflix will be releasing a documentary on the Florida football team led by Tim Tebow that won multiple championships, called ‘Swamp Kings’.

“It was just the way he (Hernandez) was interacting with coaches and players,” Murray said on his podcast. “Just that kind of look in his eyes. I remember my dad literally looking at me, saying ‘I’m being dead-ass serious here, Aaron. If you commit to Florida, I don’t think you should get anywhere near that kid. Stay close to Tim, stay far from Aaron.’”

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