A Plea For A Ply: Hulk Hogan Tweets, Deletes Need For Toilet Paper

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Hulk Hogan reached out to his more than 2 million Hulkamaniacs via Twitter with a simple request. The Hulkster needed some toilet paper.

“I ran out of toilet paper brother, help!!!!!!!!,” said Hogan in a since deleted tweet from earlier this week.

For the sake of Hulk Hogan’s underwear, let’s hope Hulkamania didn’t run wild while on the throne.

Hulk Hogan tweeted a need for help.

A short time after Hogan’s TP plea hit the Twitterverse, he (or someone on his behalf) deleted the tweet. This leaves more questions than answers.

Did he get the toilet paper he so desperately needed?

Was said TP delivered via a Twitter user?

And if so, how’s that exchange go down? “Hey Hulk, I’m out front with a 4-pack of Charmin, can you let me in?”

Did someone hack Hogan?

I’m not sure, but something about the entire situation doesn’t smell right.

Hulk Hogan Had Busy Monday Night

Hogan’s request for someone to spare a square took place on Monday night. The since deleted tweet shows that Hogan was in need at 10:50. This is about 10 minutes before WWE’s Monday Night Raw goes off the air.

That’s noteworthy since Hogan appeared on Raw as part of the show’s 30th anniversary from Philadelphia.

Maybe the nerves of appearing in front of tens of thousands for the first time in years had Hogan wrestling with his stomach, seeking backstage relief. Only to be left disappointed.

Hulk Hogan appeared on Monday Night Raw earlier this week.

And who could’ve guessed that just hours later, likely from still inside Philly’s Wells Fargo Center, Hogan would be pleading for help from a brother within the City of Brotherly Love?

So remember kids, say your prayers, take your vitamins, and always check for toilet paper before sitting down.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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