A Great Year For Liver King Ends With Massive Lawsuit For ‘Life-Threatening Diet’

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A rough end to the year has gotten even worse for Liver King, who is being sued $25 million by a New York man for being a fraud.

‘King’ – AKA Brian Johnson – was outed last month when leaked emails showed that he actually uses a TON of steroids to bulk up, and does not, in-fact, rely on eating raw meat. Sad!

The years-long ruse conned enough people into shelling out millions into King’s products (Eat Tenet), and New Yorker Christopher Altomare isn’t willing to forgive and forget.

Altomare claims Liver King’s brand instead included “a dangerous and life-threatening diet” which caused “a large portion of consumers” to suffer from “severe” food-borne illnesses, according to a suit filed this week.

Liver King.
Liver King isn’t have a great year!

Liver King diet includes raw liver, which apparently isn’t ideal

Can’t imagine what’s “dangerous and life-threatening” about eating nothing but raw liver, spleen, pancreas, heart, kidney and bull testicles!

Toughen up, Chris.

“Liver King persuaded millions of consumers to adhere to, or abide by, the Eat Tenet by repeatedly making representations to consumers that his near-perfect physique, and optimal health, were solely attributable to his adoption of the Ancestral Tenets, predominantly the Eat Tenet,” the suit adds.

Rough year for anyone who had any ‘Eat Tenet’ or FTX stock.

Anyway, Liver King’s redemption tour is in FULL SWING right now as he works to repair his image.

So far this month, he’s already released an apology video in which he said he only lied to save depressed people, and also an Instagram video in which he visited a plastic surgeon to prove his abs were real.

So, you know, he’s off to a good start.

Written by Zach Dean

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