77-Year-Old Dolly Parton Wears Famous Playboy Bunny Outfit

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Dolly Parton still has it all these years later, and now we have visual evidence!

Parton sent Instagram into a tizzy with a Saturday afternoon heater. The famous singer posted a picture of her now 77-year-old self wearing the same Playboy bunny outfit she made famous way back in 1978.

And guess what, haters? Dolly just proved that the classics still hold up!

Dolly Parton back to her Playboy ways

I know, bit of a let down from Dolly here. I mean, come on. If we’re gonna be recreating Playboy cover photos that shocked the world 50 years ago, might as well give us the whole thing. Pull the picture down, Dolly!

Great caption, though … “Any bunny think Carl will like this new shirt?” I see what you did there. Good stuff. Classy.

The guy in the picture, for those who don’t know, is Dolly’s husband – Carl Thomas Dean. Don’t hear or see much of him, so it’s a bit jarring to see him out and about.

Anyway, can’t wait to fire up the internet machine and order me one of those Dolly Parton 1978 Playboy shirts. Summer’s right around the corner and that one is begging me to cut the arms off and make it a muscle shirt for Memorial Day weekend.

Buckle up.

Dolly Parton Playboy.
Dolly Parton is back to her old Playboy ways.

Written by Zach Dean

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