6-Year-Old Orders $1K Worth Of Food On GrubHub, Father Less Than Pleased

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A 6-year-old ordered himself a GrubHub smorgasbord, and it was all on his pops’ dime.

It happened in Chesterfield, Mich., and according to MLive, 6-year-old Mason was at home with his dad, Keith Stonehouse, while his mom was catching a movie with friends.

Stonehouse thought he’d keep Mason occupied by giving him his phone to play a game.

However, young Mason must have found himself hankering for some grub, so he grabbed his old man’s phone and ordered up some GrubHub. Honestly, that’s pretty smart for a kid that young. It’s not like he can grab his keys and go pick up all the food he ordered, which turns out to have been a lot.

His order consisted of five orders of jumbo shrimp, chili cheese fries, ice cream, salads (Mason appears to be health conscious), chicken pitas, shawarma, grape leaves, rice, and more. The order was so big that it took multiple delivery drivers to courier it to the Stonehouse abode.

Keith opened the door for the first delivery, which must have been wildly confusing. That confusion probably got even worse when food just kept showing up.

By the time he realized what was happening, it was too late to cancel the orders. One restaurant told him to take it up with GrubHub. But he was unable to get the orders canceled and was on the hook for a significant amount of the bill of over $1K.

Just a few of food bags Mason ordered. (Facebook/Keith Stonehouse)

However, Stonehouse did say in a Facebook post that Chase bank had declined $439 worth of pepperoni pizzas.

“This was like something out of a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit,” Keith Stonehouse told MLive. “I was probably a 9.5 out of 10 anger while it was happening. The next day, I was at an eight and now I’m at about a three. I don’t really find it funny yet, but I can laugh with people a little bit. It’s a lot of money and it kind of came out of nowhere.”

Some day they’ll be able to look back at this and laugh… though that day may be quite a way down the road.

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