‘1619 Project’ Founder Nikole Hannah-Jones Thinks Cuba Is Most ‘Equal’ Country In Western Hemisphere

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In what shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you, a podcast featuring ‘1619 Project’ founder Nikole Hannah-Jones, a hero to the BLM crowd, praising Cuba as the most “equal” country in the Western hemisphere has surfaced. In the 2019 podcast, Hannah-Jones praised Cuba as one of the most “multiracial” countries because of its socialist society, which led her to say, “Cuba has the least inequality between black and white people anyplace really in the hemisphere.”

You have to give Nikole a slow clap for keeping it real here. She’s so right in the fact that there’s zero inequality as to which race(s) are treated like garbage in Cuba. It’s one big ol’ melting pot of socialism treating all people equally. You’re poor. And you’re poor. And you’re poor. And you’re poor.

It’s wild to think that Hannah-Jones and Black Lives Matter would have similar mindsets when it comes to Cuba. BLM loves the Communist regime, and Hannah-Jones can’t get enough of the equality that the regime has brought to people of all races. It’s quite extraordinary to these people.

In a 2008 op-ed published by The Oregonian, Hannah-Jones wrote that she wanted Americans to get to know the Cuba she learned about during a trip with fellow journalists. On that trip, Nikole learned that Cuba has a 99.8 percent literacy rate, the lowest HIV infection rate in the Western Hemisphere, “free” college and health care. It was exactly the type of stuff a communist regime loves for a journalist to write about.

Let’s face it, Hannah-Jones was impressed with what she saw on the trip.

“Black Cubans especially are wary of outsiders wishing to overthrow the Castro regime. They admit the revolution has been imperfect, but it also led to the end of codified racism and brought universal education and access to jobs to black Cubans,” she wrote. “‘Without the revolution,’ they wonder, ‘where would they be?'”

Here’s one thing I wish Hannah-Jones would’ve asked those black Cubans: If you could escape this country right now, where would you go?

It’s a simple question. It’s straightforward.

Black writers in the U.S. have written extensively about how black Cubans give Fidel Castro credit for “providing them greater opportunities, even if they haven’t always resulted in a markedly better life,” as DeWayne Wickham wrote for the Undefeated.

Now, let’s check in with Cuba to see just who these angry protestors are in 2021. Look at that, life is so markedly better for black Cubans. They’re so satisfied with those shitty jobs that they’ve taken to the streets to tell a government that’s going to beat their heads in that they’re fed up.

“The Cuban regime has the political power, but it no longer has the people on its side,” Fabiola Santiago from the Miami Herald wrote last week. “When it comes to Cuba, Black Lives Matter is standing on the wrong side of history.”

You can add Hannah-Jones to that list as well.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. “Nikole learned that Cuba has a 99.8 percent literacy rate, the lowest HIV infection rate in the Western Hemisphere,”

    Am I the only one who has a LOT of follow up questions about those “factoids” provided BY CUBA? Oh, it’s facts and figures from a communist nation who prides itself in a long history of propaganda, so let’s just have blind faith in those numbers being accurate. It’s hilarious how journalists are so quick to swallow anything they’re told if it comes from one worldview perspective, and then suddenly become prosecutors on cross examination if the same type of info comes from another. I’d recommend quadruple checking any facts you get from a communist nation. Even the fact checkers checking the fact checkers need fact checking these days.

    • Exactly, what are the fact checkers in Cubs supposed to say? We disagree. Oh ok then the fact checker and his entire family goes to prison. You know what happens to dissenters in North Korea, 7 generations of their family go to prison. Surely, China, Cuba and Venezuela treat dissent in the same manner.

  2. Cuba, China, Venezuela and North Korea have equality for sure. Everyone is equally in a shit existence in every measurable way. No wonder several UNC Chapel Hill Board of Trustees didn’t want this communist tenured at their school. Now she is at Howard to brainwash even more black people.

  3. Yeah I’m sure the Cuban government is just a beacon of truth and all there gov. stats and information is totally honest and accurate. I mean, we live in the supposed greatest country in the world and our government lies all the time. Right now as we type our government is sending illegals all over the country secretly being carried out by the US military under our noses and telling soldiers on those bases not to take pictures or tell anyone. I can’t imagine how any sane person can think communism is a good thing. But we all know they aren’t sane people.They’re friggin nuts, and are trying to bring down our country.

  4. Free college, and the only job is a street sweeper. She also forgot to mention how the 0.1% of “communist” elites are beyond filthy rich and the 99.9% of commoners are dirt poor. That’s “equality” for you .

  5. The fact this type of person has the freedom and a platform to spew this filth on a public forum only proves that we live in a free country!! We all are blessed with the freedom to choose our own path that provides each and every citizen an opportunity to succeed with drive and determination, not where you started or what advantages you may or may not be given. Remember, communism kills the voice and socialist won’t hear it while on the mountain top. Explain to me again why this country has racial issues that doesn’t allow everyone an opportunity and needs to be changed by the left?

  6. Right. It’s SO great there that people craft makeshift boats, travel shark-infested waters, and take on serious weather and ocean currents, facing death at their own hands, in order to leave that garden of eden and come to the most vile place on the Earth. I’m sold. #DEMorons

  7. If she loves Cuba, why not move there? The is no line to get, but long lines to get out. The BLM and 1619 people are utterly stupid. If the USA is so bad, why does everyone want to live here? AOC and Hannah-Jones are simply stupid communist ideologues… main word – stupid!

  8. Per FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 43A: 13% of the population commits 53% of the murders and FAR exceeds 13% in EVERY category of violent crime. Why should anyone be surprised when that demographic also has a high percentage of the violent encounters with the police?

    Define Systemic Racism (they never can)
    Give 3 Specific Examples of Systemic Racism (they never can)
    Explain how such a racist country elected, and re-elected, a black President

    These race-baiting clowns have a loyal audience of lemmings who are insecure about their own identity and are led to see everything through the lens of skin color. They are injecting race into places it doesn’t belong like elementary schools and the armed forces and creating racism where none exists currently. These are incredibly selfish and incredibly dangerous clowns.

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