12-Year-Old Water Cooler Contamination Suspect to Face Charges

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The plot thickens.

About a month ago, OutKick’s own Trey Wallace brought us the story of Bethany College and the case of the mysterious water cooler substance.

Kansas Wesleyan had traveled to Bethany College in late April for a three-game series, which Kansas Wesleyan won 2-1. During a double-header that weekend, members of the Kansas Wesleyan program discovered that their water cooler had been contaminated and initially pointed fingers at Bethany College, which provided the water, as is customary for home teams to do.

At the time, Wallace reported that police in Lindsborg, Kansas were “investigating a complaint filed by the Kansas Wesleyan baseball team that Bethany College tampered with their water cooler by adding a foreign substance.”

Through their investigations, police discovered that no one affiliated with Bethany College was responsible for the contamination, later discovered to be paint, and even listed Bethany College as one of eight victims of the incident in their report.

Now, police have their suspect. An unnamed 12-year-old Kansas juvenile is facing charges of endangerment and criminal damage to property, and he will soon be summoned to appear in court. Another juvenile was originally identified in the investigation as well, though police did not say whether he will be charged.

It is unknown whether anyone drank the contaminated water before the substance was discovered.

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