Crazy Lady Who Called Caring About Gas Prices ‘White Privilege’ Out at MSNBC

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Zerlina Maxwell is out at MSNBC after the network canceled her streaming show for not getting any viewers.

That name might sound familiar. Perhaps you first heard of Ms. Maxwell this summer. Spoiler, she’s a lot to handle.

In July, Maxwell called a lot of white people racist. She claimed that any white who has complained about inflation or gas price is benefiting from a gross form of white privilege.

Maxwell says while white people are worried about feeding their families, she, as a black woman, has to worry about someone killing her “on the way to [her] job.”

This sounds like a headline from The Babylon Bee. Unfortunately, it’s not.

For those doubting that someone could be this obnoxious on television, or in life, here’s Zerlina Maxwell in character action:

“Inflation, it’s almost a privilege to care about inflation as your number one issue, uh, the same is true of gas prices, or even the idea that it’s the economy stupid,” Maxwell told viewers.

“I always found that analysis lacking, because as a black person, I don’t wanna get killed on the way to my job.”

“… there’s a blind spot there, and you’ll notice that the majority of people who make that statement are generally white.”

Allow us to debunk Maxwell’s soliloquy for giggles:

She says the majority of people caring and crying about economic issues are white, and that other races are focused on more severe issues like racism and sexism. That is incorrect.

Zerlina Maxwell during a race-bait.

A recent NBC News poll found that “economic issues dominate as the top issue for voters” of all races.

Moreover, a separate poll from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies learned that black Americans are “deeply concerned about the economy.”

So all Americans — black, white, Hispanic, and Asian — care more about the cost of living than Maxwell’s car service not making her feel safe enough.

But #WhitePrivilege, amirite?

For those looking for data that supports Maxwell’s claim that people are killing black people on the way to work — please, stop. She doesn’t have any data.

She race-baited. And did so less effectively than Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, and the cringey weekend lady — all of whom MSNBC still employs.

Written by Bobby Burack

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