Zach Wilson’s Mom Loves The Aaron Rodgers Trade But QB Tim Boyle Just Got Done Vacationing With The New Jets QB In Costa Rica

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OMG, this will be so great for Zach…Aaron Rodgers will teach him so much and mentor him which will be great for his career.

Just think of what was going through the mind of Jets quarterback Zach Wilson’s mom Monday when it was announced that her son is officially a backup quarterback — because he’s still under contract with the Jets and there’s not a team in professional sports willing to take that contract.

Zach Wilson’s mom is applauding the Aaron Rodgers trade, but her son wasn’t in the Costa Rican jungle last week at an ayahuasca tripping balls resort like new Jets backup quarterback Tim Boyle (inset, with Rodgers). / Instagram / Getty Images

Lisa Wilson fired up Instagram and applauded the news that her Zachary, who is due $9.31 million on his fully guaranteed four-year, $35.2 million contract, will be in a quarterback room with Rodgers.

But there’s bad news, Lisa, if you think Aaron’s going to train up your son and hand the keys back in two years.

Tim Boyle is signed and he’ll be in that room, too, with his buddy Rodgers.

Who is Tim Boyle?

He’s a former Rodgers backup in Green Bay who recently signed with the Jets and then ended up in Costa Rica last week with Rodgers on an ayahuasca vacation with several heavy hitters in the Rodgers deep-thinker circle of friends.

If Boyle took part in the full-scale ayahuasca experience he would’ve went through a puking party with Rodgers and the crew, who would’ve drank so much of a lemongrass brew that they would’ve puked their guts out together.

You know what Zach Wilson didn’t experience this offseason? Puking his guts out and tripping balls (they were at a tripping balls resort…you have to assume the boys all tripped balls) with the new Jets quarterback.

To conclude: Tim Boyle signs with the Jets, Aaron Rodgers allows Boyle to come on a super-exclusive tripping balls vacation to Costa Rica and then Rodgers is traded to the Jets days after these two leave the jungle.

And I’m supposed to believe the Rodgers to the Jets news is good for Zach Wilson’s NFL career?

Zach Wilson might spend the year on the inactive list if the Jets give Rodgers an ounce of power as the new guy who should have them in the playoffs. Does Rodgers want to see Wilson’s face on the sidelines when he throws a pick in a tight AFC East game against the Bills or does he want to see the face of a guy who spent time with him in the Costa Rican jungle going through big boy life s–t?

Don’t say I didn’t warn Lisa if Zach’s suddenly the out-of-luck third-string quarterback on Sundays in New Jersey. All she has to do is look back at who joined Rodgers in the jungle. That was your clue as to how this was going to play out.

Just a casual Monday for Lisa on Instagram Story. Look at that production!

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