Zach Wilson And Josh Allen’s Postgame Comments After Losing Shows Stark Contrast Between AFC East Quarterbacks

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Zach Wilson and Josh Allen both play in the AFC East, but they have very different approaches to their postgame press conferences. The stark contrast between the two is rather eye-opening.

On November 6th, the Bills lost to the Jets by three. Allen threw two interceptions without a touchdown in the losing effort. It was his worst game of the season.

During his postgame press conference, Allen owned his bad day. He took all of the blame. Not just some of it. All of it.

“I put that on me,” he said. “I let the team down… as a quarterback, you can’t play like sh*t.”

On Sunday, the Jets lost to the Patriots by seven on a final-minute touchdown that sent Gillette Stadium into a frenzy. It was epic, but Wilson was abysmal in the loss.

He completed just nine of 22 pass attempts for only 77 yards. New York punted ten times.

While the former No. 2 overall pick didn’t throw any interceptions, he also did not throw a touchdown.

To Wilson’s credit, there was one crucial drop in the first half. But that’s it.

On the flip side of that, there were also multiple moments like this:

Describing Wilson’s afternoon as “ugly” would be an understatement. His postgame press conference only made it worse.

When asked if the loss was on him, Wilson quickly said no, dismissed the question, and moved on.

His response, in addition to how he carried himself in the locker room after the Jets lost their (NFL record) 14th-straight game to the Patriots reportedly frustrated his teammates.

Obviously, what Wilson had to say about his role in the loss was very different than Allen’s approach to his postgame media appearance after losing to New York a few weeks back. The former did not take any of the blame while the latter took all of the blame.

Zach Wilson may not have meant his statement to come across in the way that it did. There is a time and place to be short and not give the media anything, but this was not one of them.

It was a bad look. Especially after Allen said what he said earlier this month.

As things currently stand, the Bills sit second in the AFC East standings at 7-3, behind only the Dolphins, who are also at 7-3, but have the head-to-head tiebreaker advantage. The Jets, on the other hand, sit fourth at 6-4 behind the Patriots.

One team is rising, one team is falling. Perhaps the attitude at quarterback will prove to be the difference?

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