Zach Ertz Throws Shockingly Bad First Pitch

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Zach Ertz might want to hide from the spotlight for a little bit after throwing an all-time bad first pitch.

The Arizona Cardinals tight end and his wife Julie threw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to a recent Phillies game, and it didn’t go well at all.

While Julie managed to get the ball in the general area of the plate, her husband buried it into the ground well short of the target.

Go ahead and enjoy Ertz’s pathetic throw below.

To Fox Sports: MLB’s credit, it didn’t start nuking Twitter comments to protect Ertz like NESN did for a female baseball player last week.

When you throw a bad pitch, you’re going to get roasted and rightfully so.

Zach Ertz should be embarrassed.

There’s simply no spin that can be provided here to make this situation better for the Cardinals TE. That was simply terrible.

If you’re going to throw an awful first pitch, you should crank up the intensity and send it flying over home plate.

The last thing you want to do is bury it short, which is exactly what Zach Ertz did. Meanwhile, his wife was right next to him and had zero issues.

Zach Ertz throws brutally bad first pitch prior to a Philadelphia Phillies game. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

The pitch was so bad that J.J. Watt was even roasting him on Twitter. Watt isn’t exactly known for being super charismatic. When he’s lighting you up, you know you really messed up.

Next time, go ahead and get in some practice pitches so you don’t find yourself in a situation like this one. Videos last forever, and this one definitely isn’t going away.

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