Timing Of Zach Edey’s Decision To Return To College Reflects Hilariously On Oklahoma City

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Zach Edey is returning to Purdue. The best player in college basketball last season has decided not to enter into the NBA Draft and will play a fourth season with the Boilermakers.

Edey’s decision comes with very funny timing.

After averaging 22.9 points and 12.9 rebounds per game, he was named the consensus National Player of the Year. And yet, despite his dominance on the collegiate level, Zach Edey was expected to be drafted in the second round.

There are questions about whether his game will translate to the next level. Ironically, Edey’s strength is also his biggest weakness. Concerns lie with his size, and a lack of a fully-developed skill set on offense.

Despite all of the outside noise, Edey chose to go through the pre-draft process and get a feel for his standing in this year’s class for himself. In the end, it was better for his future to try and improve in the areas that he lacks during his senior year at Purdue.

Zach Edey chose Purdue over the NBA, for now.

Name, Image and Likeness funds may have helped to sway that decision. Edey will likely make as much, if not more, with the Boilermakers next season than he would as a rookie in the NBA.

A trip to Oklahoma City may have also played a role. This is where the timeline comes into the picture.

Many people thought that the Thunder could be a good destination for the young seven-footer+ at the end of the second round. Edey was in Oklahoma earlier this week.

Not long thereafter, Edey decided that he was better off heading back to West Lafayette.

It is a huge stretch to say that Edey is returning to college because he doesn’t want to play in Oklahoma City. That doesn’t make it any less funny to imagine that the National Player of the Year took one visit to the 405 and said “nope, no thanks!”

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