Joe Rogan Randomly Shows Up On Stage For Zach Bryan Concert, Goes Wild For ‘Revival’

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Zach Bryan’s worldwide tour kicked off Saturday in Georgetown, Texas, and Joe Rogan was there to rock out. It was an appearance that nobody saw coming, but everybody seemed to love.

Bryan has been a fan favorite amongst those seeking a more authentic country sound for a few years now, but has seen a meteoric rise in mainstream popularity over the course of the last year or so. The 27-year-old Navy veteran’s major-label debut album American Heartbreak hit the U.S. Billboard top-200 at number five and continues to grace the airwaves across the globe.

Before he heads off to Ireland, the U.K., the Netherlands and Denmark, he got his tour started in the Lone Star State.

Bryan was the headliner at the Two Step Inn Festival and had the crowd in the palm of his hands.

He couldn’t have been more grateful.

To close things out, Bryan brought all of his guests out from backstage for an encore. He ripped his banger ‘Revival.’

Zach Bryan’s encore had the place ROCKING!

Rogan just so happened to be one of those who made their way on stage to jam out. A lot of people didn’t even notice until they went back and watched their videos from the night before!


There is so many awesome things going on in this video. First, this was the ending of his set where he let all his friends show off their amazing talent! Second, Joe Rogan was on stage and I didn’t notice until after the fact! #zachbryan #zachlanebryan #joerogan #canyouspothim #twostepinnfestival #countrymusic #country #austintx #texas #austin @zachlanebryan

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Even Rogan, who has met countless famous musicians and celebrities, was geeking out and filming the performance— until the third chorus hit. And then the party was really on!

How Rogan ended up on stage with Bryan at the Two Step Inn Festival is unclear, but he owns a sweet $14 million mansion just north of Austin, so swinging by the festival wasn’t too difficult for the known country music fan. The only question now is whether this might mean that Bryan may join Rogan on a podcast.

Bryan doesn’t really do “media,” but maybe this is the exception? Here’s a look at the full encore:

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