Zach Bryan Arrest Video Released; Singer Was Verbally Combative With Police

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The Zach Bryan arrest video is out, and it’s definitely not a good look for the star singer.

Bryan was arrested in Vinita, Oklahoma Thursday on a single charge of obstruction of an investigation. After news broke of the arrest, Bryan released a video taking responsibility for his actions and admitting he got way too lippy with police during a traffic stop of security guard.

Now, the arrest video is out, and Zach Bryan definitely wasn’t lying when he said he ran his mouth way too much during the arrest.

Zach Bryan traded verbal shots with police during arrest.

That’s putting it lightly. At one point, the “Open the Gate” singer claimed the police were “brutal” to him and he then complained about being in handcuffs after he told the cop to take him to jail.

“There’s no need for me to be in handcuffs, actually,” Bryan told the officer after complaining they were too tight.

“Right now, there is because you were interfering with my traffic stop and you wouldn’t let me finish,” the officer responded.

Zach Bryan was arrested Thursday in Oklahoma. (Credit: Craig County Jail)

“This is why people don’t like police officers…I’m a f*cking 27 year old kid and I said, ‘Take me to jail then.’ I was being a smartass and I apologized,” Bryan continued during the exchange.

Zach Bryan then attempted to claim he knows a lot of powerful people in Oklahoma law enforcement. Shockingly, that didn’t work.

You can watch the arrest video below.

This video is a tough look for the star singer.

There’s nothing good about this video when it comes to Bryan’s behavior with the police. Once the cuffs come out, it’s time to shut your mouth and battle it out in court.

That’s not what Bryan did. He told the officer he knows powerful people, claimed cops are out of control, was unbelievably rude, made a point of how he was in a hurry to get to Boston and simply was way out of line.

As the officer pointed out, he gave Zach Bryan a choice. Bryan told him to take him to jail, and that’s exactly what he did. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Don’t tell a cop to arrest you if you don’t actually want to find out what he’ll do.

Zach Bryan arrest video released. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Having said that, Bryan should still be applauded for taking responsibility. He came off much more mature in his apology video than he did while being arrested. Also, you’re no longer a kid when you’re 27. You’re an adult man. That was a very cringe moment. Hopefully, Bryan can put this all behind him and move on because conduct like this is definitely not acceptable.

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