Zac Stacy Arrested, Held Without Bond

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Former NFL running back-turned-woman-beater, Zac Stacy, is now behind bars in an Orlando jail and will likely be staying the weekend. The 30-year-old Stacy, who brutally attacked the mother of his five-month-old son last Saturday, is being held without bail.

A warrant was issued for Stacy on Wednesday, and he was officially arrested and booked into jail on Thursday evening. Orange County Corrections Department records indicate that he is being held without bail.

Stacy, who spent three seasons in the NFL after playing college ball at Vanderbilt, was charged with aggravated battery (great bodily harm) and criminal mischief. Video of Stacy’s crimes was recorded via the victim’s home surveillance system. The in-home camera caught Stacy repeatedly punching his ex-girlfriend and going so far as to throw her into a TV just steps away from their son.

The victim can be heard on video pleading with Stacy to stop, though he continued with the assault.

Upon seeing video of the spineless attack, the TransCity Music City Bowl, where Stacy had served as a youth ambassador, terminated ties with the former pro.

Current Vanderbilt coach Clark Lea, who was not with the program when Stacy was on the team, reacted to the Stacy video on Thursday in a statement to USA Today.

“We’re aware of the disturbing videos,” Lea said. “Obviously we absolutely condemn acts of domestic violence. The behavior has no place in our society and that’s really all I want to say about it. It’s disturbing.”

Stacy retired from the NFL in February of 2017.

*Updated: late Friday morning Stacy was granted bond in the amount of $10,150. A condition of his release stated that he has to surrender his passport. He has not yet done so and his passport is currently in Tennessee. This means he will likely remain in jail until the passport is turned in.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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