‘Your Honor’ Is Returning For An Incredibly Dark Second Season

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“Your Honor” returns for season two January 13.

The hit Showtime series with Bryan Cranston wrapped up season one back in February 2021, and without spoiling anything, the show had the perfect ending.

In fact, it had the kind of ending that perfectly puts a bow on everything and wraps up the show for good. Well, to quote Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friends!”

Cranston will return in season two as judge Michael Desiato as he continues to get in a tangled web with the Baxter family. The preview paints an incredibly sinister and dark picture, which is exactly what fans expect.

How will season two of “Your Honor” work?

I truly don’t understand how season two of the show will work. I don’t understand it at all. Again, the ending of season one couldn’t have done a better job of wrapping everything up.

Was it chaotic and out of control? Yes. No question about it, but it still wrapped everything up in impressive fashion.

“Your Honor” is returning for season two. (Credit: Andrew Cooper/SHOWTIME)

Well, I guess Showtime decided the show was too big of a hit to sideline after one awesome season. The network is going back to the well, and Bryan Cranston is, once again, a judge scheming and running to stay one step ahead of everyone after him.

It looks like Desiato might be working with the feds to go after Baxter, but it’s a bit hard to tell. What we do know for sure is that season two should be epic.

“Your Honor” returns for season two January 13. (Photo credit: Andrew Cooper/SHOWTIME.

Season one was a ride that kept fans on the edge of their seats, and I have no doubt season two will do the same. You can catch it starting January 13.

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