You Can’t Be The GOAT If You Don’t Play: Osaka Withdraws From Wimbledon

Four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka will sit out this summer’s Wimbeldon, extending her mental health break after also withdrawing from the French Open earlier this month. Osaka, a 23-year-old hailing from Japan, does plan to compete at this year’s Tokyo Olympics, her agent told the Associated Press. The No. 2 ranked female player in the world, Osaka has enjoyed tremendous success at a relatively young age, and the pressure seems to be taking a toll. What started as a media blackout in France has quickly spiraled into an unprecedented departure from competition altogether for a generational talent seemingly just coming into her prime.— NaomiOsaka大坂なおみ (@naomiosaka) May 31, 2021 Many elite athletes, especially those in singular sports like tennis and golf, have certainly felt the intensity of pressure that accompanies early success. Bobby Jones famously walked away from golf at only 28 on the heels of the winning the sport’s pre-Masters Grand Slam (the term was actually coined by Jones’ friend and journalist Pop Keeler in honor of Bobby’s achievement). The 2017 film Borg vs McEnroe depicted the heavy toll that Bjorn Borg experienced as a champion, local hero, and international sex symbol. At just 26, Borg also walked […]



Written by TK Sanders

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