Yelp Reviews Warn Women About An Employee At A Florida Chipotle Who Is Trying To Steal Married Men

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Ladies, if you’re hitting up a Chipotle in Fort Myers, Florida you might want to reconsider sending your husband to pick up the order. There’s allegedly a husband stealing employee at one of the locations.

According to several Yelp reviews there’s a woman by the name of Lucy who likes to seduce married men. The controversy appears to have started last month when the first review warning women of the husband stealing employee popped up.

The warning was not the only one. There were several all pointing the finger at a mystery employee named Lucy, who allegedly has a thing for married men and who might actually be the figment of someone’s elaborate imagination.

The first review/warning reads, “Don’t send your husbands here to “pick up chipotle.” Next thing you know, Lucy is going to seduce them into sleeping with her like she has with multiple married men! You have GUAC to be kidding me!”

Another backs up the claim made about the employee, “Lucy is a pig, she slept with my husband too. They need better customer service that doesn’t involve my bed. The guac sucks too!!”

“Stay far away,” the third one star review warns. “Lucy the GM or whatever position she is in– she likes to sleep with married man AKA her customers.”

Since the reviews, which are still up on Yelp, and the “controversy” surrounding them were brought to the internet’s attention thanks to this tweet, the location has been flooded with more “reviews.”

So many that the page now has an “Unusual Activity Alert” pop-up message. It informs visitors to the page that Yelp has “temporarily disabled” the ability to leave a review.

Who Knew There Was So Much Drama Going Down At A Florida Chipotle?

This is why we can’t have nice things. It’s not known if the first few reviews were part of some sort of prank or if there’s actually an employee who allegedly steals husbands.

We’ll likely never know now. Ladies, I’d be on full alert just in case. You can never be too careful these days. You don’t want a burrito craving to turn into drama at Chipotle.

The last thing you want to do is be the one that ignored the reviews and had to settle things in the dinning room of a Mexican-inspired restaurant.

Written by Sean Joseph

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