Woman Loses Her Mind On An Employee At A California Mexican Restaurant, Screams Obscenities While Demanding Her ‘Receipt’

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A woman, who has been labeled the “Taco Shop Karen,” was kicked out of a California Mexican restaurant after losing her mind on an employee. The woman was apparently upset that she wasn’t going to receive the refund she asked for.

This didn’t sit well with her and she decided to turn her focus on what she thought was her receipt. By focus I mean, she launched obscenities at the employee while repeatedly demanding her “receipt.”

Taco Shop Karen
Taco Shop Karen going off on employee (Image Credit: San Diego Ville/Instagram)

At one point the screaming woman starts to get physical while reaching for what she insists is her receipt. The video first appeared on a TikTok and was uploaded by @brendapena783. It has since been deleted, but as with most things that are uploaded on the internet it lives on.

The entire scene played out at San Diego’s Lucha Libre Taco Shop. And since the initial video was uploaded a back-and-forth about what actually happened before the video starts has taken place online.

A Yelp review posted by the customer’s alleged husband attempts to explain the Taco Shop Karen’s side of the story. He claims that his wife was overcharged.

The review reads, “One of their workers overcharged my wife and used her credit card to make purchases. When she asked for the receipt, the worker refused and started taunting her.”

“They filmed her when she become enraged and posted it on social media to make her look bad. She lost her cool, but only because she was provoked and treated unfairly.”

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The employee’s version of events was slightly different. She said while explaining her side of the story, “That’s not even her receipt, that’s the ticket order we received in our printer and we tape it on top of the order.””

“This was an online order she placed on our website that only gives you text/email receipts so she already had it.”

The employee then explains that the customer was yelling at her because she didn’t want to refund her $73 for food the woman had already eaten. The woman had already been yelling at her over the phone before arriving in person.

“Our policy is to find out what was wrong with the food so we can process a refund,” she explained. “She came back with the bag with only 3 items out of the 6 she ordered.”

I’m not an ask for a refund kind of guy, but if I was I wouldn’t show up with half of my order. That seems like a pretty big mistake. So does screaming at the employee you’re trying to get from the refund from.

If you make those first two mistakes you definitely can’t attempt to grab the receipt or touch the employee at all.

Written by Sean Joseph

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