Important ‘Yellowstone’ Video Mysteriously Disappears Amid Chaos With The Show

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Paramount Network apparently isn’t interested in promoting a summer return for “Yellowstone.”

Following the midseason break for the hit western with Kevin Costner, it was announced in a teaser that the show would return in the summer.

However, that video is now unlisted on YouTube. That means unless you already have the link, which I do, you can’t find it anymore.

Below is a screenshot of what you see when visiting the page. It’s clearly shown as unlisted.

“Yellowstone” season five summer return teaser gets unlisted on YouTube. Show is engulfed by chaos. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

“Yellowstone” is facing a ton of problems.

As fans of the series know, the show is currently consumed with issues and problems. There’s serious speculation Kevin Costner might leave the series.

A report claimed he only wanted to shoot the rest of season five over a single week. His lawyer denied there’s any truth to that, but things certainly don’t seem to be trending.

A Puck News report also claimed Taylor Sheridan was “furious” with the situation. The “Yellowstone” creator is reportedly ready to kill off John Dutton. If that happens, it’s unlikely fans ever get the ending we’ve always hoped for.

“Yellowstone” faces multiple issues amid an uncertain future. (Credit: Paramount Network)

When will the series return?

The fact the summer return announcement has gone unlisted should tell fans everything they need to know. The chances of “Yellowstone” returning in the summer are incredibly low.

At this point, it might be hovering right around zero. Season five production was supposed to start in March. So far, there’s no indication of any kind it has.

Will “Yellowstone” end?

Kevin Costner reportedly has a loaded schedule, and it’s unclear when he might even be available to shoot the rest of season five – if he’s even available at all.

That means fans could be staring down the barrel of “Yellowstone” not returning until late 2023 or maybe even early 2024. It’s a complete disaster of a situation. The summer announcement going unlisted is just the latest sign things aren’t trending up. The situation appears to be going in the exact opposite direction.

When will “Yellowstone” return? (Credit: Paramount Network)

Make sure to keep checking back to OutKick for the latest “Yellowstone” updates as we have them. As of right now, the situation definitely doesn’t look positive. It looks very bad, and the YouTube announcement going unlisted is just the latest sign of serious trouble.

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