‘Yellowstone’ Recap: The Blood Finally Flows

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“Yellowstone” episode five is officially behind us, and there’s plenty to break down from what fans saw Sunday night.


While the fifth episode of season five – “Watch ’em Ride Away” – wasn’t exactly the most electric episode of the season, it was a nice filler episode.

It’s setting a lot of stuff up for the rest of the season as we watch it all unfold. Let’s break down the most important parts.

Beth and Summer Higgins finally got some blood flowing.

Look, I haven’t been secretive about the fact that I’m kind of done with Beth. She’s just an unbearable character at this point of “Yellowstone.”

Just brutally unbearable, and her interaction with Jamie in the last episode after finding out he had a son was insane. She pretty much threatened to kill him and maybe even perhaps the baby. It wasn’t entirely clear. Either way, I was definitely cheering for Jamie to run her off the road.

Beth and Summer Higgins finally ironed out their differences, which is exactly what John wanted. (Credit: Paramount Network)

However, in classic Taylor Sheridan fashion, he’s found a way to bring me right back in after I thought I was out on her. Her scene trading punches with Summer Higgins was honestly awesome. It’s been a long time coming, and for once, it felt like Beth actually showed a bit of humanity.

After she was done hammering Summer (she took some hits as well), she offered her a hand up and then made it clear they’re ultimately going to end up on the same side. Imagine seeing a potential alliance form back in season four between these two.

Summer Higgins and Beth traded blows in the latest “Yellowstone” episode. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Earlier in the episode, she warned her dad about inviting Summer into his home. As she pointed out, it was more likely the environmental activist would seek to destroy him over helping him. However, in the closing moments of the episode, it became clear Summer has turned a corner after having her ass kicked.

While it wasn’t the kind of blood spilling fans expected, it was necessary and allowed Beth to earn some redemption with fans.

Monica and Kayce attempt to move forward on the latest “Yellowstone” episode.

“He died because God needs him” was a hell of a line to hear Monica deliver to Kayce as they continue to process the grief of losing a child.

Kayce’s at a fork in the road, which is very common for him, but this time, he’s facing decisions tied to a situation he had zero control over. Is it Monica or his job that he wants to pursue?

What will happen with Kayce and Monica on “Yellowstone”? (Credit: Paramount Network)

It looks like he won’t have to make a decision because she pushed him to not quit. In the closing moments of the episode, Monica cried watching the Duttons ride off for a few days of branding work far away from the house.

It’s been fascinating to watch Kayce and Monica’s arc since season one. Monica hated the Duttons when the show started, and Kayce despised his own father. Now, there’s no doubt in my mind Kayce is the heir apparent and Monica is all-in on the Dutton lifestyle.

Kayce and Monica continue to grieve the loss of their child on “Yellowstone.” (Credit: Paramount Network)

John appears to set the tone with Jamie going forward.

In case there was any doubt that Jamie is going to be on the outside looking in forever, it was erased Sunday night.

When asked if Kayce was John’s youngest son, he responded with, “That’s my only son.” His oldest son was killed in the season one premiere, and Jamie was adopted.

It now appears John has given up any illusion that he can rehab Jamie into ever fully being loyal to him. That line was simple and quick, but it clearly set the tone for everything going forward. Jamie is a useful pawn to John at this point. Nothing more nothing less.

Is Jamie in big trouble on “Yellowstone”? (Credit: Paramount Network)

Speaking of Jamie, has any character in the history of TV had less sexual control than him? He impregnates a woman who wanted to control his political future in an earlier season, and then follows that up by having sex with Sarah Atwood after one quick dinner meeting! Her plan? Well, Jamie thought it was possibly done so that he’d have to recuse himself from any cases involving Market Equities. However, she ripped her clothes off in her office, and was more than ready for round two.

Does anyone think Sarah Atwood – a certified smoke – is interested in Jamie? I do not, and while I like his character, he’s quickly becoming one of the dumbest people imaginable. Keep it in your pants or you could ruin everything. It’s a story we’ve seen play out far too many times.

Other notes:

  • The ending scene was simple, but one of the most powerful in recent “Yellowstone” memory. Loved it. Goes to show how everyone is evolving and coming together.
  • Taylor Sheridan has really cut it loose with the cowboying stuff in season five, and it’s been fun to see.
  • The final dining room scene was excellent. A great contrast from the first season when the table sat empty. For once, it feels like John finally has unity.
  • John’s assistant is a fun character. She’s clearly oblivious to how little he actually cares about being Governor of Montana, and it’s great to see.

Overall, not the craziest, most intense or most interesting “Yellowstone” episode we’ve ever seen. However, it was solid, and laid some great groundwork moving forward. I can’t wait to see what we get next Sunday.

Written by David Hookstead

David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.

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