‘Yellowstone’ Was The Most-Watched Show Of 2022, Proves Non-Woke Content Wins

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“Yellowstone” crushed the competition on TV last year.

The hit western returned for the start of season five in mid-November 2022, and the final episode of the first half of the season aired January 1, 2023.

Now, fans are sitting waiting around for the rest of season five to find out how the series will end. Well, while fans wait, they have some good news to enjoy.

“Yellowstone” dominates the TV ratings.

Nielsen released its TV viewership data for 2022-23 (via Variety), and the hit western with Kevin Costner was the only scripted show on TV to average more than 10 million live viewers.

The first half of season five averaged a shocking 11.55 million viewers on Sunday nights on the Paramount Network.

“Yellowstone” dominates TV ratings. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

The only thing in America that beat it was NFL Sunday Night Football on NBC. “Yellowstone” even beat “Monday Night Football” by nearly 1.5 million viewers per episode.

The second most-watched scripted TV series was “NCIS” at 9.833 million viewers an episode. That’s a significant gap between the top two spots for scripted shows.

People love non-woke content.

The success of “Yellowstone” really proves one thing above all else:

People love non-woke shows and movies.

If studios and networks bring consumers fun entertainment that doesn’t preach to them, it’s likely it will be a success.

It might not always be a huge hit, but more times than not, it seems like it works out well in the end. Look at everything Taylor Sheridan touches.

“Yellowstone” is a non-woke hit. (Credit: Paramount Network)

The man is the most important visionary in entertainment right now, and it’s because he understands what people want to see. They don’t want entertainment that paints regular Americans as terrible people who are stupid.

People want shows that are incredibly engaging and fun. That’s what “Yellowstone” is all about. The series is about a family fighting against external and internal forces to protect the land.

What’s not to love about that kind of storyline? It’s definitely something people get fired up for, and the fact it’s the most-watched scripted show on TV tells you people can’t get enough.

“Yellowstone” will end with season five. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Now, let’s wait to see how Taylor Sheridan puts a bow on “Yellowstone” after five awesome seasons of action. Let’s hope the ending is what fans deserve. Clearly, a lot of people will be watching.

Written by David Hookstead

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