Yankees’ Anthony Volpe Gets Too Aggressive With CPR Training

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Social media had a hearty laugh at the expense of New York Yankees rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe after he showed off his CPR form on Monday.

The young man’s play this year hasn’t been breathtaking, but the way Volpe presses down on the chest of a potential cardiac arrest victim is something working adding to a nursing highlight reel.

Volpe joined Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin as the latter visited Yankee Stadium on Monday for a CPR training session to kick off HOPE Week. It was Hamlin’s latest stop as he continues promoting health training for moments of crisis after suffering an on-field cardiac arrest on Jan. 2.

As participants practiced chest compressions on stadium grass, Volpe stood out as the only person trying to drill a hole in the dummy’s chest with his palms.

Proper chest compressions require a person to push down hard and fast in the center of the chest at a rate of 100 to 120 pushes a minute, according to the CDC.

Volpe appeared to be shooting for 200 a minute.

Now here’s the twist: Volpe may have been the most qualified participant out of the group to give CPR lessons. Volpe’s dad, Dr. Michael Volpe, met his mother, Isabelle de Leon, in 1990. The two were diehard Yankees fans and found each other at the SUNY Downstate Medical School in Brooklyn. Anthony was born 11 years later.

It’s nice and all but social media still roasted the Yanks’ top prospect.

“If you need CPR around Volpe he will save your life but you will need a new rib cage,” one commenter said.

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